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A little about me

First of all, I'm a mom to the most wonderful child ever...seriously.... he IS my pride and joy.

I adore animals (they ARE my passion) I especially care for cats, dogs, horses and all big cats.
Truth be told, I would much rather spend my time with animals than people...
I enjoy movies , I love music of all kinds and spending time with my family. I've been a JG fan and a member of this site since December of 2002...Josh continually amazes me...he just keeps getting better and better.

This is Kenny image image He was born retarded with many health problems. 75-80% of ALL white tigers are born deformed or mentally impaired in some way due to the severe inbreeding it takes to create them. Kenny's parents were brother & sister. Kenny passed away from cancer in June of '08, he was only 9.

Every white tiger you see is unhealthy and suffers from crossed-eyes, various health problems and a monumentally shorter life span than regularly breed Siberian or Bengal tigers. All white tigers today are descended from a white tiger known as "Mohan"...who was captured as a cub in India in 1951...subsequent breedings of Mohan to a female tigress produced no white wasn't until Mohan was breed to one of his own daughters that white cubs were produced.

Please do not support any zoos, shows or magic acts that exploit these animals.

If you would like to know the truth about white tigers and their existence, please PM me or visit me at this link:


However, if you're contacting me to blast me regarding comments/posts made here, I'd rather not be contacted. I do stand up for myself and quite often my opinions and thoughts are not those of the majority...Oh well, such as life.

Lastly, I am shamelessly and proudly Conservative.


Oh wait, you hate Rush Limbaugh? You think he's an idiot? You think he's a racist, bigot homophob? I'm sorry to hear that, you've been mislead. Anyone who's listened to him for an extended period of time, knows that he's anything but what the mainstream media has lead to you believe he is. Rush loves this country and he wants each of us to be successful. He is one of the strongest and most adamant voices for Conservatism, he is not the leader of the Republican misinformed indiviuals on the left would lead you to believe.


**These are not my pictures**
The second photo is courtesy of Charlie (joshboy) and the third photo is courtesy of Deb (autumnsoleil)